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Amazing Expedition is a Tour and safari company located in Kenya with offices in Nairobi Kenya . We arrange and oraganize Safari Tours and Travels within Eastern Africa i.e. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda.

Amazing expedition Specializes in Kenya budget adventure safaris, Tanzania budget camping holidays, Uganda budget adventure tours, Mount Kilimanjaro budget climbing expedition, Mount Kenya trekking expedition, student adventure holidays, Kenya budget traditional cultural and historical trips

We offer a first class and quality service to the satisfaction of all our clients and we value every of our client as their satisfaction is our goal.

Our Expedition Safaris and  Adventure Budget packages are flexible to suit your preferred interest and budgets.

We organize Budget Beach holidays, Luxury Lodge Holidays, Mountaineering, Photography, Wildlife and Bird watching, Cultural, Trekking, and Budget Camping safaris

Amazing Expedition runs guided safaris for every traveler visiting the region or any requested destinations in E.Africa.

Amazing Expedition will offer you value for money, striving to give you the best experience most sought after in the region.

During your stay with us, every detail along the safari trail will be taken into consideration with the view of giving you an interesting and educative in-depth knowledge of the African cultures, scenic landscapes, flora and fauna.

Amazing Expedition  is also represented on SafariBookings.com, a largest online marketplace for African safari holidays

Welcome to the African Experience as we reconnect you with Nature!


To champion for human, wildlife and envinmental interaction defined by respect and co-existence for social, economic and historical advantage.


To make our customers dream become a reality by delivering the very best of our safari services. We understand you are in a holiday. Amazing Expedition Kenyais geared towards providing moral and financial support to community based projects in various communities where our tours, safaris and expeditions visit. This is made possible by committing an agreed percentage of the company’s funds to support an identified program in the community based projects,more especially in Western,and Northern Kenya and Masai land. So, by going on a safari with us, you would be indirectly participating an improving the life standards of an African community and hence tourism responsible . Thanks in advance and welcome to Africa. with us.... your wildest dreams come true!

The Maasai Mara Game Reserve is widely considered to be Africa’s greatest wildlife reserve. The Mara comprises200 sq miles of open plains, woodlands and riverine forest. Contiguous with the plains of the Serengeti, the Mara is home to a breath taking array of life.

The vast grassland plains are scattered with herds of Zebra, Giraffe, Gazelle, and Topi. The Acacia forests abound with Bird life and Monkeys. Elephants and Buffalo wallow in the wide Musiara Swamp. The Mara and Talek rivers are brimming with Hippos and Crocodiles.
Maasai Mara, Wilderbeest Migration
Each year the Mara plays host to the world’s greatest natural spectacle, the Great Wildebeest Migration from the Serengeti.

From July to October, the promise of rain and fresh life giving grass in the north brings more than 1.3 million Wildebeest together into a single massive herd.

They pour across the border into the Mara, making a spectacular entrance in a surging column of life that stretches from horizon to horizon.

At the Mara River they mass together on the banks before finally plunging forward through the raging waters, creating a frenzy as they fight against swift currents and waiting crocodiles.

The wildebeest bring new life to the Mara, not just through their cycle of regeneration of the grasslands, but for the predators who follow the herds.

The Mara has been called the Kingdom of Lions and these regal and powerful hunters dominate these grasslands. Cheetah are also a common sight in the Mara, as are Hyena and smaller predators such as Jackals.

The Mara is an awesome natural wonder, a place where Maasai warriors share the plains with hunting lions, a place of mighty herds and timeless cycles of life, death and regeneration.

The Mara is probably the best serviced of all Kenyan Parks and Reserves with a wide range of Accommodation for any budget. The Reserve is a popular attraction with Safari operators.

The reserve is ideal for game drives, and some lodges and camps offer walks and balloon safaris.

Wildlife moves freely in and out of the reserve, and through neighbouring Maasai lands. Outside the boundaries of the reserve there are many other small camps and lodges, some of which offer walking,horse riding and other safari options.


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