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Kisumu City Day Excursion | Kisumu Short Day Tours, Cultural Heritage and Historical Kisumu Excursion | Short Excursions around Lake Victoria

Offering Short Day Excursions and tours from Kisumu – the port city in western Kenya, the third largest city in Kenya, the principal city of western Kenya, Amazing Expedition Kisumu city day excursions from Kisumu the capital of Nyanza Province and the headquarters of Kisumu District.
It is the largest city in Nyanza Province and was the second most important city after Kampala in the greater Lake Victoria basin but according to the United Nations it is now recognised as a key city and for that reason was award the title of 'Millenium City' - the first of its kind in the world! This will assist greatly in development and business investment. 

Kisumu City is accessible by road, rail, car, bus, water (via Lake Victoria) and air – enjoy Full Day Tour of Kisumu City, Half day Kisumu Excursion Tour, Kit Mikayi Day tour, Full Day Kogello Village Tour

AE14 Full Day Tour Of Kisumu City

After breakfast in your hotel, drive to Kisumu Museum which has varieties of interesting animal exhibits, including a stuffed Lion pouncing on an equally stuffed Wildebeest. Children trying to row boats used for fishing and boat rides in Kisumu City's Dunga beach - there are ethnographic exhibits and a display of dominant luo tribe musical instruments and their traditional culture. Kisumu Museum is considered by many to be one of Kenya’s finest collections of the artifacts.
You will then be driven to Impala Park a sanctuary, animal orphanage and home to the rare Sitatunga antelope. The Kisumu Impala Wildlife Sanctuary was opened in 1992 with the intention of protecting a herd of impala and serve as a safe grazing ground for Hippopotamus from the lakes. Spread over an area of less than 1sq km, this wildlife sanctuary acts a holding point for problem animals like baboons, hyenas and leopards which can be seen at a close range.
Later drive for lunch at Kiboko Bay Resort followed by a boat ride to get a first-hand experience of the second largest fresh water lake in the world – Lake Victoria, further drive to Dunga fishing village where you will encounter the local fishermen and fishmongers. You will  get to interact with the fishermen to learn the secrets of their trade which is their lifeline for sustainability. The fish business has also contributed largely to the escalating of the HIV/AIDS pandemic apart from being a source of income. Drive to your hotel or accommodation in the evening to end this amazing excursion.

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AE15 Half Day Kisumu Excursion Tour - Kit Mikayi Day Tour:

Depart from Kisumu City after breakfast to one of the Kenya’s most dramatic archaeological site, a vast rock tower called Kit Mikayi. The rock is situated in Maseno division, East – Seme – location, Kit – Mikayi sub-location, Kangeso village, Kadol clan. The rock which is about 70 to 80 ft tall is located 30kms Far East of Kisumu city and 1km from Kisumu Bondo road. Follow the sign board at the gate of Kit Mikayi primary school through N’gop-Ngeso primary school.
The legendary story behind Kit Mikayi which in Luo dialect means “the stone of the first wife” is: Long time ago, there was an old man by the name Ngeso who was in great love with the stone. Every day he wakes up in the morning, he used to walk into the cave and stay the whole day. His wife would bring him food every day. The old man became passionately in love with this stone to the extent that people ask the wife his whereabouts and she could answer that he has gone to his first wife (Mikayi) hence the stone of the first wife (Kit Mikayi). More further explanation about this unique stone is that according to its feature and components, the structure represents the Luo cultural polygamous family which had the first wife’s house (Mikayi) built further in between, on the right hand side was the second wife’s house (Nyachira) while the third wife’s house (Reru) was built on the left hand side of the homestead. This rock also is seen to have a nuclear family whereby the father (Ngeso) being the middle stone followed by the bulky Mikayi (first wife), then Nyachira (second wife) followed by Reru (third wife) and further in front they have the child which is representing Simba (which is the house for the first born boy in the homestead). From a long time, this stone has been a sacred place for the villagers to worship during the trying moment. Return to Kisumu in the afternoon to end your tour.

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AE16 Half Day Excursion in Kisumu- Ndere Island day Tour

Leave  Kisumu to Kaloka beach to connect your boat for a ride to Ndere Island National Park. Ndere Island  is only 4.2sq kms just off the northern shores of Lake Victoria. It was opened in November 1986. Ndere means ‘Meeting Place’ in the dialect of the local Luo tribe. In connection to Kit Mikayi Rock, according to Luo folklore, Mikayi - the mother of the tribe, rested up near Ndere after her long journey South Down the Nile Valley. She found the lush shoreline so pleasing that she and her people stayed.
Ndere Island is home to a variety of birds including Fish Eagles and a dense population of Swifts. Hippos and Crocodiles, including the lesser known Spotted Crocodiles, are a familiar sight.
Impalas have been introduced to the woodland which fringes the shores- attractions include hiking, walking, optional traditional fishing, and optional boat safaris at a cost, enjoy your picnic lunches before your return boat ride transfer to Kaloka for further  drive to Kisumu by your driver to end this Ndere Island Safari excursion.

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AE17 Half Day Lwanda Magere Historical Excursion Tour:

Drive to Awasi junction from Kisumu, take left turn to drive further  to the site where one of the great Luo sons was laid to rest. Magere was staying in Kano in a clan called Sidho, however, he was not a true Kano man, He was coming from Kombe clan which was not Luos but “Mwa”. The mythical story about Magere is: Long time ago there was a problem of grazing land between Nandi people and Luos in Kano. The most fertile land was found in Kano plains and the Nandis living on the hilly areas could not find enough grass for their animals. Therefore the two tribes were engaged in wars every time. In this wars, mostly Luos were being killed and their herds taken away. One certain day, Lwanda Magere decided to join the fight and make sure that their cattle are grazed in their piece of land. He killed several Nandi people. Both sides were amazed at the power and strength of this gigantic Luo warrior. According to the story, no spears neither metal could enter his body because he was as strong as stone hence the name “Lwanda” in Luo dialect means Rock. These wars were numerous and every time the proud Lwanda Magere emmerged the winner. The Nandis decided to know the secret of his strength. This mission was given to “Rono” who became a friend to Lwanda Magere. They were seen together after each fight to review the episode. Rono would beg Magere to forgive the Nandis and to let them graze. But Magere continued with the killings. The Nandis hatched a plan; they decided to give Magera a Nandi lady to marry. The lady was married as a second wife. The woman was to get to know his power base, which she did and told her people. One day a Nandi warrior speared the shadow of the Luo Great warrior. Magere died. Drive back to Kisumu city arriving to end your tour.

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AE18 Full day Equator Excursion and Kogello Village day Tour from Kisumu:

Depart by road and drive past Maseno University to proceed just 150 meters from the Maseno University gates to the Equator Line Point. After a photographic session on the Equator line, you will proceed to Luanda town, divert to the left heading straight to Ngiya market. If you arrive on a Tuesday, then you will be lucky to have a glimpse of the open air market day at Ngiya. Kogelo, also known as Nyang'oma Kogelo which is a rural village in Alego - Siaya District, Nyanza Province, Kenya. It is located near the equator, 40 kilometers West-Northwest of Kisumu City, and the provincial capital. Kisumu Siaya road leads to Kogelo branching from Ngiya junction. divert onto the left just before you reach Mbeji Academy onto the Murram road. You will then take about 15 minutes before you arrive at the Kogelo Dispensary on your right. After a visit of the dispensary proceed to the Kogelo market, Kogelo primary school and Senator Barack Obama Secondary School. You will then enter Sarah Obama's home behind the secondary school if permitted.  Kogelo is the ancestral home of Barack Obama, Senior the father of current United States President-elect Barack Obama. Barack Obama Senior was buried in the village. Some of their family members, including his paternal grandmother Sarah Anyango Obama, still live in the home. In the homestead, you will find both the grave sites of  Barack Obama Senior and his father. Packed lunch will be served at a convenient place return to Kisumu city to end you full day Kogelo Excursion from Kisumu tour.

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AE19 Full Day Kakamega Forest Excursion The Crying Stone day tour from Kisumu

Leave  Kisumu after early Breakfast at your hotel with you picnic lunch and drive to the Tropical equatorial rainforest of Kakamega. You will witness the early morning birds as they depart for Lake Victoria and only return in the late evening. Kakamega rain Forest is the only remaining rain forest in Kenya and the furthest East remnant of the Guineo-Congolean rain forest that is scattered across Zaire, Uganda and Kenya. Kakamega Rain Forest provides a unique sanctuary for a remarkable diversity of endemic plants, birds and insects not found anywhere else in the country. It is an important watershed for rivers that flow into Lake Victoria. The forest is also invaluable to the people living around it, many of whom depend on it for timber, fuel wood, herbal medicines, building materials and food. The Kakamega Forest is also important to the local community for a number of ceremonies and religious practices. Packed lunches-then after, proceed to visit the Crying Stone which is about 40m high with a small rock perched on top that forms unique attractions in Western Kenya. It is an acid plutonic rock consisting mainly of quarts, alkali, feldspar and mica. It is an imposing feature especially when you get near it - these rocks have a long history with the community as they were used for conducting religious ceremonies. Its most outstanding feature is the water that runs down its structure ‘head to toe. It looks like a gowned figure in perpetual tears. The Crying Stone is located in an ideal place to host traditional dances (Isukuti, Tindikiti, Litungu, Bukhana, Shilili, Indebendebe e.t.c), Cock fights, Bunyala wrestling, display of artifact and host theme menus for dinners. Return in the evening to Kisumu City to end your kisumu City full day excursion. drop off at your hotel.

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