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Short Day Tours and safaris in and around Mombasa | Short Day tours in Mombasa | Sightseeing in Mombasa Coast City

Mombasa Coast City Excursions and short day tours are excursions and tours within and around Mombasa Kenya. Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi City.  Mombasa is one of the islands with a diverse and intriguing population.
You will visit and tour the fort Jesus Museum built by the Portuguese and dominates the entrance to the harbor and commands good views of the Old town Baobab forest. Short tours in Mombasa City are ideal for tourists with a very short holiday and would like to sample Mombasa Island as they get to see several attractions like the Mombasa City Mackinon Market, Mombasa Old Town tour, Old Port Mombasa tour and excursion - Tour Elephant Tusks and Indian Temples in Mombasa before proceeding to the Mombasa City Akamba Woodcrafts at Changamwe Short trip to see the craftsmen at work.

Mombasa City Half Day City Tour Excursion

Depart from your accommodation in the morning and drive to Mombasa City to begin the excursion short tour You will Visit  Fort Jesus, the old town, Baobab forest, Elephant Tusks and the Akamba Woodcraft. On the tour, you will visit the following historical and cultural places: the Fort Jesus, the Mwembe Tayari Open-Air Market, the Local Bazaars, Handicraft Carvers, walk through the famous curvy alley-roads and the business district. Walk through the streets of Old Town up to the Old Port to see the Dhows. The old town is a maze of narrow streets, mosques and crowded buildings, some with impressive carved doors or intricate balconies.
Later transfer back to your accommodation to end your tour or have lunch at a restaurant of your choice in Mombasa City before late transferred to your accommodation to end your short Excursion tour.

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Mombasa Full Day City Excursion and Short Tour

During this full day city excursion and short day tour, you will visit the historical and cultural places: You will Visit  Fort Jesus, the old town, Baobab forest, Elephant Tusks and the Akamba Woodcraft. On the tour, you will visit the following historical and cultural places: the Fort Jesus, the Mwembe Tayari Open-Air Market, the Local Bazaars, Handicraft Carvers, walk through the famous curvy alley-roads and the business district. Walk through the streets of Old Town up to the Old Port to see the Dhows. The old town is a maze of narrow streets, mosques and crowded buildings, some with impressive carved doors or intricate balconies. and lunch at Tamarind Restaurant.

About Mombasa Island:

Kizingo: Considered the prime residential area of Mombasa. The State House & Mombasa Golf Club are in Kizingo. The Aga Khan Academy, Serani High School, Santokben Nursery School, Coast Academy , Mombasa Primary School, Mama Ngina High School, Serani Primary School are part of Kizingo.

Makadara: Part of Old Town consisting of a high number of descendants of Baluchi soldiers who settled within this area before it developed into a town. The name is derived from the Arabic word Qadr-ur-Rahman meaning fate of God.

Ganjoni: Primarily residential, home of cmc, home of the second biggest dry dock of Africa

Tudor: Another middle class residential area with homes and shops 

Kibokoni: Part of Old Town with Swahili architecture. Fort Jesus is in Baghani.

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Mombasa City Excursion Mamba Village Visit (Crocodile Farm Excursion City Tour)

Is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm,  the Crocodile Farm Displays the age, weight and length of crocodiles. You will also see hatchlings to 5 meter long "big daddy" - the man eating monster, sun basking along the tropical garden trail. At five pm. daily, the crocodiles are fed and you can see them jump high in the air to snap the meat. Camel Riding, Horse Riding & Mamba Restaurant  overlooking the crocodile pond, a unique "a la carte" restaurant serves game meat like Crocodile and Ostrich.
On display are carnivorous species, marine aquarium and snakes.

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Mombasa City by Night Excursion - Dhow Cruise, Casino and Bora Bora Club

6 hours City Excursion of  Mombasa by Night Dhow Cruise starts with a transfer to the old port in the evening for an escort onto  an authentic Arab Dhow. As the sun sets, you will set sail into the harbor and past Fort Jesus. The dark African night sky full of stars, the lapping of waves against the Dhow, truly a romantic setting. Then as you glide past Fort Jesus you are treated to a sound and light show that is absolutely spectacular. After the show you will make your landing and venture into the Fort for supper. When supper is done and you have had your fill, the night life begins!
Continue to a casino where you can gamble for a couple of hours, if you choose to. The evening then concludes with a visit to the world famous Bora Bora Club. At midnight, native dancers put on a spectacular floor show. The costumes of the female dancers alone are worth seeing even if they don't dance. After the show the music goes on until the wee hours of the morning. You can dance all night long if you want to. Otherwise the tour returns to the original point of departure at approximately 12:00am (midnight).

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Tamarind Dhow Lunch or Dinner and Dance Cruise Mombasa city Excursion

This evening cruise Mombasa city excursion is the most renown of all the coastal short excursion and short trips. An enchanting evening of exotic seafood blended with a romantic cruise aboard an authentic Arab Dhow around the old port of Mombasa Town. The dhow, Nawalilkher, was built in 1977 for trading.

Tour Duration: 4 Hours:-

Lunch Cruise  Departs from the Tamarind jetty at.1.00 pm while Dinner Cruise at 6.30 pm Cruises gently up the Tudor creek, to a quiet spot where the Dhow moors. Lunch consists of a delicious Tamarind seafood platter with a selection of Kenya's wonderful seafood or a prime Kenyan fillet steak followed by fresh tropical fruit - salad, and rounded off with Kenyan coffee and halwa. The Dhow returns to the jetty at 3.00 pm for Lunch cruises and at 10:30pm for Dinner cruises.-
A special welcome drink as the Dhow starts to sail is called "Dawa" is served. In Swahili it means "medicine" and the Recipe is Vodka, Honey, Limes, Sugar & Ice.

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Mombasa City Excursion of Nature Trail Park (Haller park)

Tour departs in the morning from your hotel or after lunch to the Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail. You will enjoy Kenya’s nature during a walk through Haller Park (Bamburi Nature Trail). Haller Park is the Largest Animal Sanctuary in Mombasa. Located next to the Bamburi Cement Factory, the Park boasts of an Enormous variety of Animals, Reptiles, Insects and Botanical Gardens. Elands and Buffaloes, Crocodiles and other reptiles can be seen wandering with crowned Cranes. Other attractions in the Park include Porcupines, Peacocks, a Snake Park, Fish farm, Crocodile Farm, Giraffes, Zebras, Famous Giant Tortoises, Hippos and A Restaurant that specializes in game meat. Pre arranged tree planting at the nature trail with certificates is also possible. Return to your accommodation for lunch or dinner after this 4hrs short Mombasa City Excursion.

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Ngomongo Cultural Tour Full Day Mombasa City Excursion and Short tour

Ngomongo Village is a miniature reflection of tribal community groundings. Sample their lifestyles and culture in the different tribal huts and catch a real life glimpse of what may have been before "Civilization" set in. A number of traditional huts serving different tribal groundings have been recreated in this theme village. Watch or participate in the traditional food preparation, sample the various local brews and marvel or participate in the tribal dances. Return to your hotel late afternoon.Ngomongo VillageSituated along the road leading to Five Star Hotels in Shanzu, Mombasa. The village presents a fairly comprehensive look at the ways of life in rural Kenya in an enjoyable manner and without having to go and travel into all the respective rural areas. Ngomongo Villages Park is a collection of 9 diverse Rural Kenya Tribal Homesteads, each complete with huts, cultivated crops, domestic and wild animals (like crocodiles for the El molo man) wild animal traps, charms and fetishes, tinsmiths and even a village witch doctor!Each village has a tribe - specific activities for you to engage in, including archery, boating, rafting, tasting tribal foods and liquor, forest walk, hook fishing, grinding and pounding maize. After the trek through the village households, you get the “ deja vu” feeling that you have literally walked throughout rural Kenya in only 1 ½ hours.Ngomongo Village has dominant features that anyone visiting Mombasa has to see, for instance one gets to experience the magic of rural Kenya in one spot. The most important attraction is the village itself, which show cases nine diverse Kenyan Tribal Homesteads. To crown it all you can sample different African dishes from Trekkers restaurant and club. The club offers its guests the only and best open air disco in front of a stunning international performer’s stage within a well lighted jungle Environment. This is a trip worth your time while in Kenya don’t miss out on this exclusive village trip that holds a unique and rare touch of Kenya’s best.

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Scuba Diving Excursion at Kisite Marine Park (75 Miles South of Mombasa Town)

Kisite — Mpunguti Marine Park and National Reserves are found off the Kenyan coast, 75 miles South of Mombasa.This Marine Park and Reserve has been a center of discussion for European marine biologists because of its increasing number of new fish species and corals being documented, and particularly because of the marine environment still being intact. There are currently around 250 varieties of marine fishes, and over 40 varieties of coral species documented.In the Kisite - Mpunguti Marine Park and National Reserves some of the commonly seen fish include: large numbers of Pelagic Fish, Butterfly, Parrot, Rock Cod, Angel, Manta Ray. Turtles, Dolphins, Reef Sharks are also seen.The pristine coral varieties are impeccable; corals like Staghorn, Brain, Liliac-blue, Mushroom, and Lavender present unique photo taking opportunities. The colorful beauty of the coral, complimented by the large number of yellow and red Tuna and snappers are unmatched.

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Kisite- Mpunguti Marine Park Snorkeling, Wasini Dhow

Kisite Marine Park: Kisite Marine Park is the best and most accessible Marine Park in Kenya. Once out on the Indian Ocean, there are regular sightings of dolphins, often accompanied by their rollicking offspring. Within the Wasini Channel, the rare hump-backed Dolphins are also often sighted. Scuba diving and fun-diving guests often meet turtles underwater, too.Kisite also has a fantastic variety of fish and coral. Snorkeling is done off the fringing reef of a large rocky islet and a wonderful sand bar, which appears out of the blue ocean at low tide. On top of the islet, is a large colony, in season, of noisy, nesting sooty terns. Provided with masks and snorkels but no fins, snorkels float above what can be compared to a personal, gigantic, tropical aquarium. Assistance is also provided to first timers.

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Mombasa City Excursion to Shimba Hills Wildlife Safari (Day Trip)

Mombasa City Excursion short Day Safari Departs from your hotel at 7am. Drive to Shimba Hills National Reserve. Once in the Park, conduct an extensive game drive, where the roof of the safari bus is lifted up to enable you to look for the many game animals found here, such as Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes and Warthogs and the rare Sable Antelope.Visit the magnificent Shedrick’s Falls on the slope of the hills before taking lunch at Shimba Lodge. The lodge is built around a very large tree and is the only tree hotel on the Coast. After lunch you will continue with your game drive until 4pm when you will check out of the park and drive back to your hotel in time for dinner.

Fact File of Shimba Hill National Reserve

  • Area: 321 sq. km.
  • Distance: from Mombasa 56 km.
  • Opened: September 1968
  • Trip: Short excursion from coast
  • Vegetation: Rich coastal rainforest
  • Features: Sheldrick's Falls
  • Unique animal: Sable Antelope
  • Game viewing: Buffalo, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Leopard, Sable Antelope

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Tsavo East Mombasa City Excursion and Day Trip

Tsavo East National Park City Excursion and day trip start from Mombasa Before sun rise, you drive (along the Mombasa - Nairobi highway) to Tsavo East National Park. You will enter Tsavo East National Park via Bachuma Gate. Tsavo East National Park for a 6hrs extensive game drive witha lunch break at Voi Safari Lodge located in the Park. After lunch, another game drive will follow. Animals in the park include the "red" Elephants, Lions, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Zebras and many other plain game animals. Your game viewing ends in the afternoon where you will return to your hotel in Mombasa early evening.For the best game viewing of African wildlife from Mombasa, this is a great short Safari to take. Plenty of photo opportunities, good food, and excellent guides. Well worth the short time you have in East Africa for game viewing.

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Mombasa City Excursion Malindi and Gedi Tour – Full Day

Gedi Mombasa City Excursion  starts very early from Mombasa to Malindi town to catch up with the Marine Park Trip from Watamu. After that you will proceed to Malindi Town to see the Vasco da Gama Pillar and then to Gedi Ruins on your way back to Mombasa in the afternoon. Malindi is one of Kenya's coastal towns north of Mombasa. Just like Mombasa, Malindi holds a lot of history. Its scenic beauty and clean white beaches makes it one of the most visited towns. Malindi was made famous after Vasco da Gama's stop over in 1498. The tour of Malindi area will encompass a visit to the lost city of Gedi, the town of Malindi, a ride out to sea in a glass bottom boat and lunch at Hemingway’s Beach Resort or Turtle Bay Beach Resort before disembarking back to Mombasa.

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